About the Program

The Alumni program is an initiative that enables entrepreneurs to have a lifetime relationship with T-Hub even after graduating from different focused programs. T-Hub strives to create a long-lasting and continuous impact on startups and the Alumni program is one of the ways to do so. The Alumni program will extend some exclusive benefits to our alumni startups along with immense networking opportunities. Regular sector-specific peer meetings, clearing specific asks, and focused alumni meetups are a few highlights of this program.

Why should I apply?

Access to startup community and alumni network
Access to networking/community events
Access to service providers
Access to corporates
Recruiting portal
Access to mentors
Scheduled meetings with T-Hub management
Government connects
Access to partnered international incubators (office space)
Alumni focused events
Lab32 playbooks
Connects to investors

Who can apply?

You can apply for the Alumni Program if you are:

  • A startup graduated through any of the T-Hub programs
  • A startup that is not a service company


The Alumni program will be of a cyclic nature, i.e. members can come onboard at any time of the year. However, their membership will be valid for 6 months from their time of registration.

The program fees will be Rs.6000/- for 6 months which will have to be paid as a whole during the registration.

No, the Alumni program comes with a number of benefits except the seats at T-Hub. So, it is not necessary for Alumni program member startup to work out of the T-Hub building.

In case of any queries regarding the Alumni Program, you can reach out to Ms. Arthi Balu at arthi.b@t-hub.co or you can write to us at this email id: alumni@t-hub.co