We help startups gain access to better technology, talent, business networks and funding.

What is Community Membership?

Are you a startup looking for support to take your product to the next level? If yes, then T-Hub Community Membership is all you need to elevate the success of your startup. With a robust set of benefits and support you will be part of the Hyderabad Innovative Ecosystem. It is a community that redefines the startup ecosystem by engaging key stakeholders. One will be able to engage with peer startups, understand and help each other, and grow together while further strengthening the community. Come, become a T-Hub community startup and reach your northstar with our support.

What do you get by being part of the T-Hub community membership?

Adept Mentors

Learn through the experience of our mentors. Be guided by their valuable knowledge and subject matter expertise. Understand the market from the experts and learn to make new mistakes.

Vibrant Corporate Network

Get connected to the market giants through us. Through our vibrant set of corporates, one will get a chance to understand and explore opportunities to work with them.

Robust set of Investors

Are you a startup looking for investment? Sorry, we do not provide any investment at T-Hub. But hangon! We connect you with the investors based on their availability and relevance. Be part of and engage in investor specific events. Connect with them, pitch your product and take it to the next level.

Get-at-able Government Connects

Is your product designed to cater a specific problem statement of government bodies? Then T-Hub is the community you should be part of. Engage in specific government focused events. Connect with them, pitch your product and take it to the next level.

Service Providers

Kicked off your product into the market, in the process to streamline your operations and require different services to attain the same but don’t know whom to approach?

Don’t you worry hustler, we’ve got your service provider needs covered. With our variety of service providers get connected to the right ones, at the right time and at the right price.

Lab32 Playbooks

While hustling around didn’t get a chance to look into various workshops we host for our Lab32 Incubates? That’s okay, we understand your schedule. Hence, here we have our virtual lab32 playbooks for you to access anytime, anywhere.

Learn from the starstruck T-Hub team

Do you require specific subject matter expertise and understand from insights of the ecosystem? If yes, then you have to interact with our T-Hustlers team aka the T-Hub team members for your specific needs.

World Class Facility

By being part of T-Hub one can get access to world class facilities at T-Hub.


By being part of T-Hub Community Membership one can get connected with distinguished industry leaders and serial entrepreneurs who made it. Interact with them, learn from their mistakes, add value and grow together.

Community Events

Get involved in events which are designed for the founders, by the founders. Interact with our strong network of alumni entrepreneurs and get the most out of the vibrant community that you are part of.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Should be a sector agnostic specific startup having a Tech Product ready. (At least MVP should be completed).
  • Must have initial market traction
  • Should have a milestone to achieve over the course of 12 to 18 months
  • An entrepreneur who actively engages in the ecosystem.


We’ve got you covered! T-Hub nurtures innovation through the guidance of mentors, who are trusted industry leaders. We serve as your gateway to Indian and international markets that can connect you to new customers.

Curated Playbooks
Assisting you to accelerate your entrepreneurial journey with tailor-made playbooks
Market Access
Providing a platform to showcase your innovations and attract investments
Networking Opportunities
Connecting with distinguished industry leaders, investors, partners and service providers
Top-Notch Mentorship
Sharing their valuable knowledge and guidance, and your gateway to
subject matter experts
Learn to Scale Up
Unlocking your true potential and growing your business models
Tailor-Made Events
Learning opportunities with access to
exclusive events and programs


The duration of the program is for 6 months. And this can be extended to another 6 months based on the progress of the startup with respect to different  evaluating metrics. For further queries you can write to community@t-hub.co or reach out to Ms.Arthi B at arthi.b@t-hub.co.

We are happy to hear your idea, but unfortunately most of our programs are for startups, who have transformed their ideas into products, business models, etc. For startups just formulating their idea, we have various events and workshops that can help you accelerate the journey towards our programs. We would love to have you join our community here, so that we can recommend the best events and workshops for you.

Applying to one of the programs at T-Hub is the only way to get high-quality mentors, who excel in their fields.

No, T-Hub does not provide funding directly to startups. However, we connect the founders with our large network of investors during the course or more regularly at the end of our programs.

Yes and no, as it depends on the program. The Lab32 incubation program is the only program where you have to come and spend six months with us here. The other programs would still require you to come to T-Hub for a few days (for example, pitch day, demo day, etc.). We are working on getting the content of the workshop accessible remotely and mobilising facility to meet these requirements of our program participants.

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