Aug 07 2020


8:00 am - 6:00 pm

India Internet Day 2020

India Internet Day 2020: Reimagine and Reboot

#iDay brings Global Case Studies and Best Practices on how and whats of the times that COVID19 has brought upon us. Sectors such as Edtech, Health, SAAS, Virtual meets and other low contact businesses are emerging as the new focus.  

With outdoors out of doors, in-home entertainment taken off big time Gaming and Entertainment, Virtual meet platforms are the literally zooming. 

What does the call for “Self-Reliant” mean? How do we get there? What role internet can play?

• Reimagine – Reimagining Businesses Impacted 
• Reboot  – Managing the Business in Post COVID19 
• Emerging Post COVID19 Opportunities 
• Self-Reliant Digital India 
• Gaming & Entertainment

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