Amazon AWS


Amazon AWS


Mar 27 2020


12:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Navigating Through Uncertain Times

In times of crisis, your decisions have a much larger impact. Since it’s an unprecedented event for the world at large, AWS’ session will equip startup founders with all the resources and support needed to steer their businesses through these uncertain times. Should you be downsizing? Should you look to acquire more customers, and focus on existing customers? What does this mean for fundraising efforts?

Speakers: Ashish Kashyap (INDwealth), Alok Goyal (Stellaris), Amit Somani (Prime Ventures), Rajan Anandan (Sequoia Capital), Anand Jain (CleverTap), Pete Yamasaki (Druva), Sanjay Nath (Blume Ventures), Pankaj Bansal (PeopleStrong) and Yashish Dahiya (Policy Bazaar)

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