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Webinar Series: Well-being Toolkit for Entrepreneurs

Mental wellness is often looked at in binary terms. However, mental wellness is a huge spectrum and each one of us can take steps to optimize our emotional well-being.

As busy entrepreneurs, stress, anxiety and exhaustion are often part of the package, making it essential to focus attention on our emotional health. 

In an effort to support the TiE community in strengthening emotional well-being, introducing a neuroscience-based ‘Well-being Toolkit for Entrepreneurs’ with our Charter Member – Cheenu G. Srinivasan. 

In this 5-part weekly series, we’ll be taking you through:

11th May 2020: Inspiring Communications and Relationships in times of uncertainty
18th May 2020: Decision making in chaotic, uncertain times
25th May 2020: Self Management: Organizing oneself and teams better in times of chaos
1st June 2020: Achieving team outcomes: Clarity, delegation, risk mitigation, etc.
8th June 2020: The importance of ethics and values in crisis situations.

Date: 11th May to 8th June 2020 every Monday from 4:30 – 5:30 PM. The webinar access link will be shared with the registered participants.

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