​HSBC is partnering with T-Hub to access the start-up ecosystem for the Accelerator 2030 programme. The programme is focused on creating commercialisation opportunities for one of the world’s largest banking operations function, leveraging its data and global footprint.

Start-ups will be given the chance to pitch innovative ideas, from new technologies to new business models that can revolutionise the industry.


Processing loans, credit cards, insurance, and mortgage applications

Account opening and servicing

Facilitating payments

Credit applications

KYC/Customer Due Diligence

Regulatory and compliance operations

Operations logistics

Example: Cash, cheques and correspondence

Corporate and consumer product fulfillment

Operations infrastructure

Example: Talent and global footprint

Note: Focus should not be on the following areas
  • Direct customer interactions (e.g. contact centres)
  • Private Banking or Global Market specific products


  • Start-ups whose focus aligns with the program focus area.
  • Both Indian and Global start-ups.
  • Each team must have at least 1 full time employee. A ‘full time employee’ is defined as a person that maintains standard business hours working on the technology or venture (at a minimum, Monday through Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm).
  • The product or technology the team is offering for consideration provides a functionality or capability not currently available in any off the shelf product, or a functionality/capability that can be demonstrated to possess a significant advantage over current offerings in some aspect.
  • The product or technology the team is offering for consideration represents original ideas wholly owned with freedom to use or is licensed by the team.
  • Individuals or teams incubating innovative ideas globally.
  • The team has formed or is a part of a recognized, legal entity for the company structure.


  • Chance to collaborate with one of the world’s largest banks, HSBC.
  • Exciting opportunity to work with industry experts and mentors to refine your business.
  • Selected start-ups will be given a chance to pitch their ideas to HSBC executives.
  • Access to T-Hub’s network of mentors, industry experts, investors, service providers, community/ecosystem.


Mr. Nihal Unni
Mr. Nihal Unni
Operations Innovation Lead - HSBC
Mr. Simar Deep Singh
Mr. Simar Deep Singh
Head of Global COO Operations - HSBC
Mr. Nitin Agarwal
Mr. Nitin Agarwal
Head of Robotic Automation - HSBC
Ms. Ragini Rastogi
Ms. Ragini Rastogi
Automation Lead - HSBC
Mr. Prabhu Chandra
Mr. Prabhu Chandra
Business Manager Hyderabad Site - HSBC
Dr. Ravi Kumar
Dr. Ravi Kumar
Director & Professor of Finance - Symbiosis Institute of Business management, Hyderabad Campus
Mr. Anand Sampat
Mr. Anand Sampat
Founder and Managing Partner - Insynergy Consulting LLP
Mr. Gopi Suvanam
Mr. Gopi Suvanam
Founder - G-Square Solutions
Mr. Sai Casuala
Mr. Sai Casuala
Management Consultant
Mr. Ramesh Darbha
Mr. Ramesh Darbha
Vice President - Capegemini
Mr. Neel Vora
Mr. Neel Vora
Director Investments - T-Hub



T-Hub enables and empowers an ecosystem hungry for innovation. Based in Hyderabad, India, it leads India’s pioneering innovation ecosystem that powers next-generation products and new business models. It uses the Triple Helix model of innovation based on interaction and collaboration between industry, academia and the government. Incorporated in 2015, it has provided over 1100 national and international startups with access to better technology, talent, mentors, customers, corporates, investors and government agencies. T-Hub also provides thought leadership for Telangana and other state and central government organisations to build innovation ecosystems. It has elevated innovation for leading national and global corporates, transforming enterprise business models for the better. For more information, visit: www.t-hub.co
“The pace at which the society and technology are evolving is faster when compared to the ability of organizations adapting to the changes. In India, on one hand, the number of start-ups in the FinTech domain have been growing significantly and on other hand, the government’s initiatives in cashless technologies space including BHIM, UPI, and others have restructured the financial sector. Considering all these changes in the recent time, we believe that this partnership will help HSBC to explore most innovative start-ups disrupting in delivering products and solutions.” Jay Krishnan Ex-CEO, T-Hub

HSBC Global Operations run and deliver customer operations and help to manage change in the bank. The function manages about 1.7 trillion transactions a year and around 380 payments every second for HSBC’s 38 million customers worldwide. They support four global businesses – Retail Banking and Wealth Management, Commercial Banking, Global Private Banking and Global Banking and Markets – in delivering customer operations and services across the world.

Offshore operations are carried out from the Global Service Centres (GSCs) across five cities in India and six other countries. They support the operations of HSBC’s global businesses by performing processing and analytical tasks to fulfil customer payments, transactions, regulatory compliance and everyday banking needs.

“Technology and innovation are rapidly changing the way customers want to access banking services, so HSBC wants to try new ways of doing things. This collaboration with T-Hub is an opportunity for HSBC to partner with India’s innovative start-ups to help us deliver products and services in ways that are simpler, better and faster for our customers”

Paul Raddon
Head of Operations, Global Service Centres