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About Next Bharat Ventures

Empowering Startups for a Better Bharat

Next Bharat Ventures, powered by Suzuki, is a transformative initiative dedicated to nurturing and accelerating startups that aim to make a significant impact in rural and informal economies across India. We are partnering with T-Hub in our mission to identify, support, and invest in early-stage startups that are helping to increase the income of the rural and informal economy of India in areas such as agriculture, supply chain, financial inclusion, and rural mobility.

The Vision

At Next Bharat Ventures, we envision a future where entrepreneurship drives sustainable development and economic growth in rural and underserved regions of India. We believe that by empowering startups with the right resources, mentorship, and funding, we can catalyze a new wave of social and economic progress that benefits everyone.

Benefits for the Startup

What We Offer


Join a vibrant community of like-minded impact founders committed to making a difference. Engage in collaborative learning, share experiences, and grow together with other startups focused on similar goals.

Expertise and Mentorship

Access a global network of industry experts, mentors, and advisors who bring invaluable insights and guidance. Our mentors are seasoned professionals and successful entrepreneurs dedicated to helping you navigate the challenges of building a sustainable business.

Customized Support

The program is tailored to meet the specific needs of your startup, ensuring you receive the most relevant guidance and resources to achieve your goals.

Funding and Support

Receive up to 1 Crore in funding to scale your business and achieve your mission. Our comprehensive support extends beyond financial assistance, encompassing strategic planning, market access, and ongoing advisory services.

Fully Sponsored Program

There are no fees for the program. The cost of travel and accommodation will be covered during the acceleration program.

Benefits for the Startup

What We Offer

Access to Next Bharat Community

Startup is a long journey. We help you find a friend for this journey. Your friend will also be an entrepreneur in the impact space who understands you. We give you access to a community of impact entrepreneurs where you can make many such friends.

Mentorship from the Best!

We understand that impact entrepreneurs need a unique set of mentors who understand the ground reality. We will find them for you.

Team Capacity Building

Building a capable team for an impact startup is challenging. We provide resources and guidance to help you attract, develop, and retain the right talent to drive your mission forward.

Expanding Market Access

We are backed by the Suzuki group and have extensive networks in numerous organizations across India and Japan. Leverage these connections to gain market entry, forge strategic partnerships, and scale your impact.

Access to Funding

We plan to invest 1 Crore Rupees followed by 4 Crore Rupees per startup! (We will also cover the cost of travel and accommodation during the Residency Program)

Why Next Bharat Ventures?

Program Focus Areas


Supply Chain

Financial Inclusion

Rural Mobility

Eligibility Criteria

Apply if your startup

Selection Process

Key dates

Applications open until


July 2024


25th - 20th

June 24 - Aug 24

Residency starts


Oct 2024

Eligibility Criteria

Next Bharat Program - Eligibility Criteria

  • Person
    • Exposure to the impact sector (through formal work/volunteer work etc.)
    • Intention to prioritize doing good for society
  • Impact
    • Alignment with focus sectors of agriculture, supply chain, or financial inclusion (good to have, but not mandatory)
  • Business
    • Registered as a for-profit company
    • Has non-zero revenue at the time of application
    • An early-stage company, may have raised some capital via equity, debt, or grants

Program Timelines

In-person sessions to kickstart the program with immersive workshops and networking events
Virtual sessions focusing on mentorship and tailored support. In-Person session with immersive workshops and expert sessions.
Continued virtual engagement with progress reviews, feedback sessions, and strategic planning.
Concluding in-person sessions with Demo Day, expert round tables, and networking opportunities.

Overview of the Program Curriculum

The curriculum is designed to provide startups with a comprehensive learning and development experience. It includes

Join Us

If you are a startup with a vision to transform rural and informal economies through innovative solutions, we invite you to apply for the
Next Bharat Program. Together, let’s build a brighter future for Bharat.


The program is open to early-stage startups registered as for-profit companies, with non-zero revenue at the time of application. Applicants should have an impact-driven mindset,with a focus on creating positive social and economic changes in rural and informal economies.

The application process involves filling out the application form. Shortlisted Candidates are invited for 2 to 3 rounds of interviews.

No, the program participants will receive a fixed amount at the beginning of the program to cover for travel, accommodation expenses, etc.

The program participants will receive a fixed amount at the beginning of the program to cover for travel, accommodation expenses, etc.

Clearly articulate your vision and impact goals.
Showcase your team’s strengths and experiences.
Provide detailed and realistic financial projections.

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