T-Hub is proud to announce our partnership with FalconX to launch the Trestle program.

A unique initiative between two renowned ecosystem partners to help Indian startups gain market access in the USA. The program offers not only just market access but also mentor connects, industry exposure, investor facilitation, etc.

The Trestle program is designed for Indian startups looking for the right resources and connections to make their expansion a success.

T-Hub as part of Trestle will shortlist high-quality startups and provide them with a 5-week intervention program at T-Hub, during which they will be given mentorship, marketing plan and strategy, sales planning, evaluation of product and readiness, ideas for product scalability and security and knowledge on the funding mechanism. These interventions are framed keeping in mind the necessities of the startups for the USA market expansion.

Likewise, the Indian startups after the interventions will be sent to FalconX, USA for a 4-week program. The interventions provided at FalconX will add to the foundation laid during the Indian intervention program. This will prime the startups to make their entry into the USA market.


Startups eligible to apply for the Trestle program will have to meet the following criteria:

  • Advanced stage technology start-ups (Investment raised min $3mn)
  • B2B client base
  • Deployment with at least (5) customers
  • Revenue generating start-up
  • From the Indian innovation ecosystem
  • Achieve product-market fit
  • USA market penetration plan
  • Strong core team composition
  • Strong background of founders


Assessment, revalidation and strengthening of product
Exposure and access to the USA market
Accessibility of mentors/domain experts from the USA
Access to business connects in the USA
Incubation space in T-Hub and FalconX office
Access to FalconX and T-Hub community

India Interventions

Welcome note by Ravi Narayan, CEO of T-Hub and one of the FalconX’s Founders 

Mentor will go over the following to get a complete overview on where the startup stands in their journey.

  • Business model 
  • Company’s structure, management team’s roles and responsibilities, advisors
  • Revenue, runway, growth and hiring plan
  • Competitive Landscape

Mentor will review the following to check the readiness of the product for US Market

  • Product Roadmap
  • Development and deployment Process
  • Scalability and Reliability
  • Security and Data processing practices
  • Compliances


Guest will be from VC Community and/or Success Entrepreneurs

Deep dive into the following:

  • Identifying the right Customer
  • Marketing Plan, brand building and lead generation
  • Sales Strategy and Milestones
  • Sales pitch, pricing strategy, execution plan and contract review
  • Customer Onboarding process
  • Customer Success process

Pitch Deck Review

Due Diligence


USA Interventions

  • Startup Pitches to FalconX Internal Team
  • Presentations by FalconX Founders 
  • 1:1 Meeting with the 9 Board Members & Mentors

Pitch Sessions with VC at FalconX

Soft Skill Sessions –

  •  Product-Market Fit
  • GTM 

Networking Event- FalconX Monthly Talk 

Pitch Sessions with Enterprise Executive at FalconX

Soft Skill Sessions – 

  • Incorporating Legal Entity
  • Culture 
  • Getting Leads in USA

Offsite Visits

Demo Day attended by- 

  • VCs 
  • CIOs
  • Startups


Yes, there is a program fee. 

Breakdown of Program Fee Structure

– India Sprint – Fees in two stages – $2000*
First part = $1500 (Startups shortlisted for India Sprint)
Second part = $500 (Startups shortlisted for US Sprint pay this extra fee)
*Startups who do not get selected for US Sprint need not pay the $500.

US Sprint – Fee – $1500 per person – One time payment

– 2 seats to be provided by T-Hub during India Sprint


No, T-Hub does not promise any kind of funding to the startups on-boarded through Trestle or any other program. We provide corporate and investor connects wherein the startups get to pitch to potential investors.

No, it is not compulsory for the founders of the startup to work from our facility for the entire duration of the program.

But, during the interventions by mentors the founders have to be present compulsorily.

No, we do not ask for stakes in the startups

There is no monetary reward associated with program, as the program is focused on business opportunities and market access.

The selection/evaluation criteria is as follows:

  •  Advanced stage technology startups (Investment raised min $3mn)
  • B2B client base
  • Deployment with at least (5) customers
  •  Revenue generation
  • From Indian innovation ecosystem
  • Achieved product-market fit
  • USA market penetration plan
  • Strong core team composition
  • Strong background of founders

Additional benefits to have,
Existing investors from the USA
Global market existence
Customer base/POC in the USA

Contact – Avinash 
Mobile – 9949474223


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FalconX is a Silicon Valley based accelerator for global startups. Founded by nine successful serial entrepreneurs with a mission of ‘shaping startups for success’, FalconX enables entrepreneurs by providing them an access to committed mentors, customers, capital and a cohesive working environment at its start-of-the art facility located in the heart of Silicon Valley.
For more information, visit www.falconx.us