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Lab32 is a 100 days long, goal-based market readiness program for Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Ready and Market Ready Startups to refine their Product-Market Fit (PMF) and Go-To-Market (GTM) Strategy. The latest edition of Lab32 (Cohort “10”) – in partnership with our Value Partners – aims to nurture startups from the Indian subcontinent working on innovative solutions. Lab32’s unique program format, fine-tuned over “ten (10)” previous cohorts, helps startups push their limits, achieve their goals faster and come out better prepared for “market” success.

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About the Program

Program Details

If you are looking to firm up your startup’s strategy in these aspects, Lab32 is for you.

Market & Competitor Landscaping

Product-Market Fit

Pricing Strategy

Customer Journey

Digital Positioning

Performance Marketing

Live Market Testing


Sales Mindset

Growth Hacking

Market & Competitor Landscaping

Product-Market Fit

Pricing Strategy

Customer Journey

Digital Positioning

Performance Marketing

Live Market Testing


Sales Mindset

Growth Hacking

Focus Sectors

Applications are invited from startups from B2B revenue model

Business 2 Business (B2B)

How do you benefit?

Program Partners

Who can apply?

Startup Attributes

Founder Attributes

Intervention Framework

Lab32’s “Interventions” adopt a hands-on, process-driven approach tracked regularly through, to maximize value for startups. Startups go through sessions by multiple leaders for every key topic, leading to richer perspectives and actionable brainstorming.

For every topic, there is:

Experience Sharing
Sharing Sessions by Industry Experts / Soonicorns / Unicorns
1:1 Interaction with Sector Specialists
Office Hours
1:1 Interaction with Program Team
Practical Implementation

What startups are saying

We at Drooyh - The Drone Service's Aggregator are extremely privileged to be participating and successfully completing the Lab32, Cohort 8 program with T-Hub - India’s leading innovation ecosystem. Highly recommended for startups. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to everyone who supported us in this wonderful journey.
Akshath Shetty
Overall the journey has been fruitful & helped us think about our strategy critically. We tweaked our campaigns & eventually found the right market segment. Open feedback from consultants helped us experiment with A-B testing and measure the result with multiple user cohorts. This GTM program has been an eye-opener & eventually helped us acquire more transacting customers where we doubled our AUM. Still, the Work is in progress but the direction I feel is right.
Pramod Chandrayan
An informative program for start-ups like us with a young team and limited industry experience in building a product / service & a start-up. T-Hub with its vast network of experienced founders, partners and start-ups helped us like a catalyst to build the initial blocks of our Goto Market Strategy, Digital Presence and Credibility.
Sai Harsha
My Data My Consent
Delighted to have graduated from THub's Lab32 program. The 3-month long rigour has been thoroughly interesting, knowledgeable, and practical.
Humera Nishat
We are elated to announce that Shipmantra is one among the few startups that successfully graduated from world's largest innovation campus and also elected as "Most Collaborative Startup" in Lab32 cohort 8 from T-Hub.
Abhinav Pulavarthi Venkata
Excellent program by T-hub to help provide access and help to early-stage founders. Networking, access to high-quality mentors and providing directional nudges have proven to be really helpful in making strategic calls.
Kashyap Mahavadi
SegriTech completed the 3 months long Lab32 program packed with tons of learnings by T-Hub under Cohort 8.
Hetendra Singh Rathore
Extremely happy to be a part of such an innovative program who had helped us to shape our development with the product and the vision of our company.
Darnish Reddy

Receive customised guidance from experts

Program Schedule

The program will run for three months
06 July 2023
Applications Open
18 Aug 2023
Applications close
24 Aug 2023
Cohort Launching
30 Nov 2023
Program Ends


Frequently Asked Questions

If you are struggling with the questions:
– “How do I make a product that my customers would love?”, or,
– “How do I find customers that would love my product?”, then this program is for you.

The program’s modules (training and consultations) will help you build better versions of your product, or discover and tap market opportunities. Apart from this, you will have a team at T-Hub that’s as committed as you for the success of your company, monitoring and helping you along the way with offers and support like:
– potential connection opportunities to other startups, corporates and government agencies (as relevant)
– discounts and credits from empanelled service providers and other T-Hub alumni startups
– access to our growing pool of advisors
– potential connection opportunities with investors
– access to T-Hub events, and much more

The price is INR 90,000+ GST for the 3 month duration of the program.

  • Ease of access 
  • Business model refinement
  • Failure rate reduction
  • Develops growth mindset
  • Helps startups identify crucial pitfalls
  • Network and connect
  • Progress tracking
  • Customized business support
  • Top 20 percent of the startups gets exclusive access to Markets, Mentors, Media, Methodologies and entry into our Angel investment program on graduation.The remaining 80% will get refined Go-To-Market strategies from experts. 

All these are encompassed in the overall benefits and offerings that T-Hub provides to companies that are connected to us – potential access to our wide network of advisors, service providers, investors and even with corporate and governmental agencies, access to our community and to our workspace at attractive prices.

As a part of your growth journey, you will get help from professionals who are currently doing or have experience in having done (either for themselves or for their clients) exactly what you are attempting to do and are currently in senior positions in organisations. These are working professionals who have been engaged by us to help you. You will have a number of sessions over three months with the consultant assigned to you and the goal is that both of you collectively work towards achieving the success you define at the beginning of the program.

Should the need arise, we have a pool of expert advisors that you can connect to, to resolve specific issues, concerns or questions you may have in any area of your business.

Your consultant is also a mentor. However, should a specific need arise, the program team will arrange for a concerned person for you to talk to.

Lab32 does not commit to a Demo Day (Investor Day) since the focus of the program for participants is on growth and not fund-raising. However, for previous cohorts we did host startup showcase for investors and corporates.

As the program’s focus is on growth enablement and not fund-raising, enterprising startups usually make the most of connections with Lab32 consultants, expert advisors and the Program team to generate more visibility for their startup and increase chances of attracting investor attention. The program team will arrange additional sessions based on cohort needs, with experts. This may include funding-related topics, but is not guaranteed.

We don’t invest in any of the companies we work with. In other programs, we may create investor connection opportunities, but Lab32 is not focused on fund-raising. However, we will support every opportunity that our participants may have to connect to investors or raise funding – on a case-to-case basis.

If raising funds is a requirement in the near future, as a part of the alumni, T-Hub will provide and help with every opportunity for you to raise funds for your company. But, if raising capital is your immediate requirement, then T-Angel is a program that is designed to help you get investment-ready (and attractive to investors). However, you need to first ensure that you are investment-ready. 

If there are circumstances and reasons, we may consider various payment options and decide on one mutually. You can discuss the same with the program team. We are very reasonable in that aspect as we understand the startup journey. 

When you come to T-Hub to attend designated events, you will be given flexi-seats to work from, but in general, seats are not a part of the program. However, you will be eligible for 5 day passes which will allow you to work from the premises for any 5 days during the program.

Well, yes, you do not have to work out of T-Hub if you do not want to.

If you are one of the top 20% performing startups, we will help you access specialised Markets, Mentors, Media, Methodologies and entry into our Angel investment program. The remaining 80% will get refined Go-To-Market strategies from experts.

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