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Why RubriX?

For every 7 product ideas, only 1 idea yields a successful product, mainly due to the gap in end-user empathy and clear understanding of the product development life cycle.

RubriX – T-Hub’s product development program – aims to help entrepreneurs move their software prototypes to a minimum viable product (MVP) stage with reduced development time and costs.

For founders looking at a structured approach to building a great product and timely risk mitigation, RubriX is a must-attend.

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Qualification Criteria

If you fulfil these criteria, RubriX is perfectly suited to your needs:

Program Schedule

The program will run for 100 days as a cohort-based rapid development program (+ 2 weeks of extended support)

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Frequently Asked Questions

The price is INR 60,000 + GST(EMI option is available).

As a part of your entrepreneurship journey, through the cohort, you will get help from professionals who are currently doing or have experience in having done (either for themselves or for their clients) exactly what you are attempting to do. These are working professionals who have been engaged by us to help you. You will have several sessions over 100 days.

Yes, product mentors and technology EIRs will guide your MVP development process on a need basis.

RubriX will not have a Demo Day (Investor Day) since the focus of the program for participants is on building the MVP. However, as a part of T-Hub Alumni, you will be invited to participate in any such events that T-Hub or its partners host. You will also get
opportunities to pitch to corporate partners in future events.

You do not have to work out of T-Hub if you do not want to, as it is a virtual program. However, we encourage you to consider a presence here to enhance the experience of interacting with the team as well as with fellow entrepreneurs.

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