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What the challenge is about?

These are challenging times. But, it is precisely in times like this when we need to innovate and thrive. Maruti Suzuki is joining hands with T-Hub to partner with mature startups working on cutting-edge technology solutions in the Mobility segment. This challenge provides select startups an opportunity to execute a paid Proof of Concept, mentorship and opportunity to become a business partner of Maruti Suzuki.

The focus areas of this challenge are:

How does it help you?

Paid PoC opportunity

Startups get an opportunity to execute a paid Proof of Concept and develop innovative business solutions under any focus area.

Large scale

An opportunity to work with Maruti Suzuki which offers the largest testbed for startups on cutting-edge solutions which can be applied at a large scale.

PoC Grant

The finalists of this challenge will be awarded with a PoC Grant from Maruti Suzuki.


Get an intensive learning experience from Maruti Suzuki in a short period.


Get an opportunity to receive impact mentoring from leading experts at MSIL & T-Hub and scale your growth.

Association with Maruti Suzuki and T-Hub

Startups get a chance to associate with India’s largest auto manufacturer, Maruti Suzuki, and one of India’s leading innovation hubs & ecosystem enablers, T-Hub.

The finalists of this program will receive a PoC grant of INR 10 lacs each and mentorship from industry experts at Maruti Suzuki.

Applications closed. Explore Community Membership

Key Timelines

Startups with successful PoCs may get an opportunity to take the solution to market with Maruti Suzuki

Focus Areas

Mature startups from across the globe that are working on innovative solutions in the following focus areas can apply for this challenge:




Automotive Remote Diagnostics

Servicing Efficiency

Big Data



Mobility-as-a- Service


Eligibility Criteria


Who is eligible to apply?

Growth-stage startups and scale-ups who have an innovative technology and solution that can be applied to prescribed focus areas and who fulfill the eligibility criteria listed above

Can a single founder apply to the program?

Yes. We accept applications from solo founders.

Startup is not registered in India. Can I apply?

Yes, this program is open to international startups too.

I am an idea/early stage startup. Can I apply?

This program is not designed for idea stage or early stage startups. We encourage you to explore other programs at and 

I have solutions for both use cases. Can I submit two applications?

Yes, you can apply for both the use cases

What do you look for in an applicant?

Teams who can demonstrate potential to conceptualize and execute a quick PoC for the suggested focus areas.

How much does it charge to participate in the program?

It is free of cost. The program is fully sponsored by T-Hub and Maruti Suzuki.

What is the purpose of the PoC grant?

PoC grant is being given to selected startups with potential solutions on the focus areas. This grant money can only be used to develop a PoC under this program.

What is after the PoC presentation?

Proposed PoCs will be evaluated by the senior expert panel of the Maruti Suzuki and will get a chance for GTM with Maruti Suzuki.

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