T-Hub prioritizes forging unparalleled synergy between student research and groundbreaking innovation.

Building Bridges & Nurturing Minds

Fostering Tomorrow's Leaders

We believe in transformation – transforming tomorrow’s leaders and aspiring students into job creators. Our commitment extends to fostering student innovators and actively engaging with colleges and universities
to elevate their incubation centres. We seek to churn out the next generation of disruptive innovators.

Entrepreneur Training Program

Designed to equip students and aspiring entrepreneurs with the knowledge, skills, and mindset necessary to succeed in the competitive market.

University Incubation Set-up support

Assessing the university landscape, identifying areas of improvement, and providing guidance on setting up state-of-the-art incubation centres.

Mentorship and Training

Connecting students, startups, and academic institutions with experienced mentors to provide guidance and support.

Remote Service Support

Facilitating remote service support and connecting our network with a wide range of service providers, i.e. legal advisors, accounting services, design and development.

Designed and developed by the experts at T-Hub and a Government of Telangana initiative, KICKSTART is India’s first and only comprehensive capacity-building program for academic institutions.

A dynamic 45-day sprint crafted exclusively to empower budding entrepreneurs in transforming their innovation ideas into tangible, functional prototypes.

How We Do It

Impactful Partnerships

Creating partnerships with the most innovative startup entrepreneurs and corporations by enabling dedicated business coaching and advice

Innovation via Research

Building advanced curriculum with the faculty, raising awareness of your work, and research amongst relevant audiences

Skill Development

Offering employment and internship opportunities for your students to fuel innovation

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T-Hub will facilitate internship and employment opportunities for students from your institutions.

We have tailor-made programs and events that enable students and faculties to showcase their research and provide an opportunity to network with future leaders and business entrepreneurs.

Professors and academicians can share their valuable knowledge and research via various in-house events and conferences hosted at T-Hub.

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