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At T-Hub, we understand that startups are the lifeblood of innovation, and investors are the catalysts of transformation. Our Funding Desk serves as the bridge between visionaries and those who believe in turning dreams into reality.

Whether you're a trailblazing startup with game-changing ideas or an astute investor seeking the next big thing, this is the place where connections are forged, ideas are nurtured, and possibilities are limitless.


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We help you aim for high-yielding investments & serve
as your access point to accelerate deal flow

Cracking the Best Deals

Initiating fundraising and strategic partnerships with the most innovative technology entrepreneurs

Exclusive Investment Oppurtunities

Effectuating investments in disruptive technologies across sectors such as real estate tech, commodity tech, fintech, healthtech and more

High-yielding Investments

Connecting to a portfolio of national and international startups to ensure high-yielding ROIs


No, there is no membership fee for signing up as a T-Hub investor.

Legally, no transactions are done through T-Hub. We aim to facilitate networking opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs via our array of tailor-made programs and events. We enable you to establish the initial contact, subsequent investment transactions and deals are directly completed between you and entrepreneurs.

We strongly advise you to perform due diligence for any company that you are considering as an investment option.

Yes, you can attend T-Hub programs and events, and connect with potential startups. As a partner, you will be notified about relevant and upcoming programs and events at T-Hub.

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