T-Hub, in association with the Government of Telangana, is fostering an ecosystem that puts India at the forefront of global innovation.

Nation-Building Through Innovation

T-Hub's Collaborative Government Initiatives

Startup Programs

Pioneering tailored startup programs for Government Departments like IDEX and MEITy

In-House Government Incubators

Managing AIC, CII, and DST incubator that are nurturing groundbreaking ideas.

Off-Site Government Incubators

Extending expertise to assist state governments, including Bihar, in establishing their incubators, fostering vibrant regional innovation ecosystems.

Global Partnership

Offering innovation consulting to support foreign governments in establishing incubation centers, providing India market access and fostering cross-border collaboration.

Draft Innovation Policy

Drafting innovation policies, and assisting policymakers in crafting technology-related regulations under the umbrella of innovation and entrepreneurship.
Our Strategic Approach

Discover our strategic approach, designed to enhance government partnerships
through innovative practices and collaborative solutions.



Evaluating needs and opportunities for innovation within government sectors.


Raising awareness and understanding of cutting-edge technologies and innovative practices.


Actively collaborating with government entities to foster a culture of innovation.

Development Plan

Crafting strategic plans to implement and scale innovative solutions.

Performance Tracking

Monitoring progress and outcomes of innovation initiatives for continuous improvement.

Future Strategy

Planning ahead to sustain and expand the impact of innovation in governance.

The CoE for ML and AI by T-Hub, supported by Department of Science & Technology, Govt of India , drives innovation in BioTech, Fintech, FoodTech, and Manufacturing, linking startups with academia, government, and industry.

AIC T-Hub Foundation, a collaboration between Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) and T-Hub, supports innovative startups across India in thematic areas like Healthcare, Semiconductors, Mobility, Sustainability, and SpaceTech.

How We Do It

Empowering Startups with Funding Solutions


T-Fund, a collaboration between T-Hub and the Telangana government, offers INR 25 lakhs to 1 crore in funding for early-stage tech startups in Telangana.

Startup India Seed Fund (SISF)

The SISF program supports tech startups in their initial two years with funding for PoC, prototype development, and market entry, facilitated by T-Hub and backed by the government.
How We Do It

We Connect You to the Most Innovative Startup Entrepreneurs and Enable You to Service Citizens, Corporations and Partners More Effectively

Accelerate Startup Initiatives

Facilitating and accelerating startup initiatives by building a sustainable ecosystem with holistic networking and partnership opportunities

Attract Investments

Transforming enterprise business models with innovation to attract state-wide funding

Facilitate Innovation

Positioning India as the pioneer of global innovation by amalgamating high-tech startups and business development models

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T-Hub collaborates with the Government of Telangana to foster an ecosystem that positions India at the forefront of global innovation, driving advancements in technology and entrepreneurship.

T-Hub offers pioneering tailored startup programs in partnership with Government Departments like IDEX and MEITy, focusing on nurturing startups to address specific departmental objectives and national challenges.

We manage various in-house government incubators such as AIC, CII, and a dedicated DST incubator, all of which are instrumental in nurturing groundbreaking ideas and fostering innovation.

T-Hub extends its expertise to assist state governments in establishing their incubators. This support helps in creating vibrant regional innovation ecosystems. It also offers innovation consulting to support foreign governments in establishing incubation centres. This includes providing India market access and fostering cross-border collaboration.

Our approach includes an assessment of needs, sensitisation to innovation trends, engagement with stakeholders, developing actionable plans, performance tracking, and strategising for the future.

We facilitate and accelerate startup initiatives by building a sustainable ecosystem that offers holistic networking and partnership opportunities, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of government-backed startup ventures.

T-Hub facilitates innovation by amalgamating high-tech startups and business development models, positioning India as a pioneer of global innovation and a leader in technology-driven solutions for governance and societal needs.

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