AIC T-Hub chooses 20 Startups to spearhead Healthcare Innovation in India

The selected startups in the upcoming cohort will be addressing critical challenges in Digital Health, Wearables, and Hospital Systems.

The program’s structure involves a 12-week intensive curriculum with mentorship from healthcare thought leaders, doctors, and industry experts. The program offers a range of benefits to startups, including support for product development, assistance with commercialization plans, market understanding, business plan refinement, and access to resources essential for growth. The program also provides access to a prototyping lab equipped with healthcare sensors.

Startups were shortlisted based on criteria such as MVP, founder experience, and business model viability. Amongst the selected startups are Exsegen Genomics Research Pvt Ltd, Pratibha Healthkon Private Limited, RudrastraApptech Pvt Ltd, Medstown, Dognosis, MolVerse Pvt Ltd – Accelerating
Molecular Discoveries, MicroHeal Wellness Pvt Ltd, Medicoinnovex Technologies LLP, Aspire Health and Medicare Pvt Ltd, Swarupa Narsimha Healthcare (OPC) Pvt Ltd, Cliniv Health Tech, SC Health care logistics Pvt Ltd, Incra Soft Private Limited, LIV Emergency Healthcare, Terrablue, Medaid, Aarogya ID, Neordent Healthcare Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Mahankali Srinivas Rao, CEO, T-Hub, said, ” With the launch of our fourth AIC T-Hub Healthcare cohort, we are taking another significant step towards advancing healthcare innovation in India. The startups selected for this program represent the future of healthcare technology”.

Rajesh Adla, CEO, AIC T-Hub Foundation said that T-Hub will not onlu support the startups but also empower them to think beyond boundaries. “This cohort marks a pivotal moment for healthcare innovation in India. Our startups have an unprecedented opportunity to redefine the healthcare landscape, and the AIC T-Hub Healthcare program is the catalyst for that transformation”. 

Throughout the program, AIC T-Hub will also support selected startups with investment opportunities, grants, customer pilots with hospitals, clinical validation, and access to a prototyping lab with healthcare sensors. Over the past three cohorts, the AIC T-Hub Healthcare program has played a pivotal role in supporting 45 startups, enabling them to secure approximately 10 Crores in investments and facilitating 21 market pilots with various hospitals. The program’s impact is underscored by the success stories of startups achieving USFDA approvals and raising multiple