Hack2Hire: Let the Battle Begin

Kiran is an experienced cyber security professional with an in-depth knowledge of the Secure Development Lifecycle (SDL) practices. Having recently completed a certification course in mobile application security assessment, he was on the lookout for a platform to showcase his skills. He came across multiple programs, but none interested him as much as Hack2Hire by T-Hub and United Technologies Corporation (UTC) Hyderabad Research and Design Center (HRDC).

The hackathon is expressly designed for engineering graduates with minimum three years of work experience. If you are an SDL professional like Kiran or have a strong work experience in solutions such as Embedded, IoT, Cloud, Web Application or Mobile Application security assessment, then Hack2Hire is for you! But don’t worry, if your interest lies in cryptography, wireless and wired protocols, and source code reviewing using automated tools and manuals, you can also send in your applications on or before 12 August, 2018. 

Once selected, get ready to battle it out with some of the best in cybersecurity at the 24-hour hackathon held at T-Hub in Hyderabad. We will give you the relevant tools to ideate, develop, and showcase your innovative solutions under the mentorship of industry experts.

Among the many perks of emerging as one of the top 5 winners of the hackathon, besides gaining immense knowledge, is the employment opportunity with UTC HRDC. The company will offer you a position of either Technical Specialist, Lead Engineer, or Senior Engineer. The perks don’t stop there. If employed, you are also eligible for:

  • Remuneration as per industry standards
  • Employee Scholar Program (ESP) that develops additional skills and engage in lifelong learning at the accredited public colleges while working for UTC HRDC

You could be the perfect talent for implementing projects related to product security, deploying best-in-class technology, and streamlined security process across UTC HRDC products. So, don’t wait any longer! Learn more about the program and its benefits here.