How are Startups Responding to the Coronavirus Crisis? | Arun Satyan | Hyreo

With the ongoing #coronavirus pandemic, there is no doubt that businesses whether they are local or global will be affected in one or the other way. To help you navigate through this challenging time, we bring you a podcast series that explores how startups are responding to the COVID-19 situation.

We start off the series with Arun Satyan. Arun Satyan is the Founder and CEO of Hyreo. Hyreo helps you leverage data for an enhanced recruiting experience. Hyreo aggregates talent and recruiting workflow data and creates meaningful insights for Talent Acquisition teams.

Here are the strategies that Arun recommends to startups:

  • #Startups are being tested in unimaginable ways. It has become crucial for business leaders to think quickly and act decisively to navigate the COVID-19.
  • First and foremost is employee #safety. We have put in place standard protocols like work from home and no business travel. We have also been sharing critical, govt. approved and scientific data around how to manage personal #hygiene when they are working remotely.
  • We are ensuring that we are in touch with their existing customers, through emails and telephonic conversations. We are making sure that our customers are confident in our ability to manage the processes during these turbulent times. It is super important to create a consultative dialogue model and that positive approach with clients.
  • Sales and business development activities – Let’s be clear here, some of the client decisions are going to be delayed, projects might be stopped, or we might hear more No’s. This means that the founders and team members that are on the ground talking to our clients need to talk more, pitch more and pitch more effectively.
    • a) Focus on identifying the prospects better in the current conditions.
    • b) Be more creative in our pitches on our product value.
    • c) Are there opportunities to sell our products in different geographies than we are used to?
    • d) Seek opportunities to cross-sell – End of the day, 2020 targets will have to be revisited in some form or shape, what is imperative is that our sales, business development and our activities are more in line with the demand of the situation
    • e) Be relevant in the digital space. Use this opportunity to create more content about yourself and your brand in social media through blogs, email campaigns, social media and webinars.
    • f) Be Cost Conscious – try to negotiate better. Get better deals with your vendors, be it infra or others, try to postpone capex investments.

Arun says, ‘as #entrepreneurs we will always be surrounded by challenges throughout our journey. The only way we can get through these challenges is by staying relevant, staying resilient and staying positive.’

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