It’s Time to Innovate | Palak Magon | Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited

Hello, everyone. I’m Palak Magon, and I lead the innovation studio at zee network. We are into the business of providing creative and customized content solutions to brands across categories that help them communicate better through new and innovative ideas. Today, I shall share my perspective on the need for innovation, especially in a time of crisis where the pandemic has impacted mostly all industries in some way or the other.

So let me begin with talking about what really qualifies to be called as an innovation in the first place? Well, in my opinion, what describes it the best is creativity, that can establish a connection. And the best part about creativity is the fact that it knows no bounds. Hence, there are no set rules to be followed. And that is the biggest plus. Interestingly, the term innovation is not new in the marketing parlance at all. Brands forever operate in a competitive space, where in order to stand out, the marketing teams need to constantly think through and churn out clutter breaking ideas, that can help them create disruptions and carve a niche for themselves. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that creative and innovative content strategies have become the backbone for most categories. And as they say, Necessity is the mother of invention. This sort of makes all businesses today, irrespective of volumes smaller bank, give more credits to new and fresh ideas than ever before. brands are more open to learn, unlearn, and relearn at the same time. In fact, they’re more than willing now to explore opportunities that come their way, or at least initiate or healthy discussion.

These unprecedented times have made one thing very, very clear. We need to be flexible at all times, and get over the dependence on just a select few things that might have perhaps worked for us in the past. An open mind-set is extremely critical for adapting to the new now shall help proactively plan tomorrow’s new normal. And that’s something we need to be prepared for. So shifting of gears to newer methodologies, aligning with the dynamic changing environments, and rapidly changing technologies is the new mantra for survival of businesses. And thankfully, we do observe the changing trends, and also the acceptance in the minds of decision makers to align their overall plans, and also experiment in order to stay relevant with the key stakeholders, and the industry at large. And like all others, the entire media landscape, too, has undergone a huge paradigm shift. During this phase of uncertainty.

We too, have changed our working style, to build on engagement, and attempted new ways to bring about the difference. And that itself speaks volumes for our side of business, since it’s very closely connected with how our business partners perform. Besides dealing with our own set of challenges, biggest being to break the myth that any sort of innovation costs the bomb, Hunter should be told that clearly is not the case. So as a practice, we try and address this point by making people understand that innovation is not always about inventing. But connecting. No idea will make a difference without building around it, the networks that will support it as it grows, and the network partners with which it will ultimately flourish. Therefore, it is not about doing different things always, but it’s about doing things in a different and innovative manner. That will make the difference to ensure how brands can maintain connection with their end customers. One thing I like to highlight is for most campaigns earlier on 360 degree plans comprised of a healthy mix of ATL/BTL that is above the line and below the line elements to strike and engage with the target audience at multiple touchpoints. But today, with the ongoing events taking a hit switch towards relevance is happening, which in a way, may not be the best substitute, but it’s the second best closes option. One good concept of this typically helps in life.

Also the larger formats no longer seem to be feasible in few cases. So that too has transitioned into a mix of both short and long format, packaging all deliverables possible in the most impactful manner. Needless to say, most of the storytelling has shifted the digital way now. So I held the media mix is the way forward to max outreach and frequency to build the Top of Mind recall. Hence, the audio visual is a good way to go about great creative packaging, as that is a big differentiator, especially in a flattened environment where every brand is struggling and striving to strike that connect with its users. And you see, at times, tough situations help our minds think through in a different manner, and help us rethink and rebuild strategies for brands, thereby identifying opportunities, which we otherwise perhaps would not have even thought of, or just simply give it a pass thinking they aren’t relevant enough. To conclude, I’d simply say, in the space between next and now is how, and I feel somewhere, this is the most critical juncture.

And that is what innovation is all about. However, to make things more relevant and easy, best suited to the current times and perhaps make all brands prepared for times to come. Good strategies in my opinion, could possibly include Firstly, inculcating a collaborative approach, where each creates a new network, reconnecting the resources, the ideas, and the people of the existing industry, as well as connected partners. Secondly, it’s imperative to stay connected and relevant with the consumers in every possible manner. We need to understand that audience today is evolved. And therefore it becomes extremely critical. to constantly engage with them. Be positive, provide newer experiences, and strike an emotional chord. Lastly, as a brand, step up, be focused, compassionate, responsible. And keep in mind the fact that stories sell and facts tell. Therefore, leave no stone unturned to build a good story that people always remember and feel proud to connect and associate with. With this. I’d like to thank you all for tuning in. Take care, stay safe, and keep innovating.

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