We provide access to businesses that are changing the world. Over 1800 academicians and dignitaries worldwide have participated in T-Hub’s in-house events, conferences and speaker series, creating an unparalleled synergy between research and innovation.


We channelise exciting internship and corporate recruitment opportunities for students to enhance their skillsets and serve as a platform to showcase your research.

Impactful Partnerships
Creating partnerships with the most innovative startup entrepreneurs and corporations by enabling dedicated business coaching and advice
Innovation via Research
Building advanced curriculum with the faculty and raising awareness of your work and research amongst relevant audiences
Skill Development
Offering employment and internship opportunities for your students to fuel innovation


We connect you with startups and corporates to design programs that will enable students to inculcate vital skills for innovation and entrepreneurship.


T-Hub will facilitate internship and employment opportunities for students from your institutions.

We have tailor-made programs and events that enable students and faculties to showcase their research and provide an opportunity to network with future leaders and business entrepreneurs.

Professors and academicians can share their valuable knowledge and research via various in-house events and conferences hosted at T-Hub.

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