T-Hub, in association with the Government of Telangana, is fostering an ecosystem that puts India on the forefront of global innovation. We help accelerate nationwide startup initiatives organised by Indian as well as international governments.


We connect you to the most innovative startup entrepreneurs and enable you to service citizens, corporations and partners more effectively.

Accelerate Startup Initiatives
Facilitating and accelerating startup initiatives by building a sustainable ecosystem with holistic networking and partnership opportunities
Attract Investments
Transforming enterprise business models with innovation to attract state-wide funding
Facilitate Innovation
Positioning India as the pioneer of global innovation by amalgamating high-tech startups and business development models


We curate in-house programs, events and conferences to provide networking opportunities and scope for foreign collaborations.

Covid-19 Innovation Challenge

Qcity, Telangana IT&C (Emerging Tech)  are partnering with T-Hub to access the  student ecosystem for the Covid-19 Innovation Challenge.

Road 2 Shine Hiroshima Program

Road To Shine is a human-centered innovation program for India’s young engineers who want to drive innovation and shape...


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We help you connect with the most innovative technology startups, entrepreneurs and corporations in the country. You can also participate in various in-house events and conferences to accelerate startup initiatives through networking opportunities.

Yes, we welcome participation from various state governments and international governments in our diverse range of programs, events, conferences, and speaker series.

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