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COVID-19 has been a gamechanger for the innovation ecosystem. The world over, startups are finding breakthrough solutions powered by next-generation products to combat the lethal virus. Since at the core of the pandemic is the critical need to maintain social distancing and wear masks, Hyderabad-based startup Byteforce has seized the opportunity to build a product, which monitors people to ensure they are keeping safe. The product checks whether people are adhering to the norms of social distancing, along with wearing face masks and other government mandates. 

Leveraging technology to ensure the safety of people amid COVID-19

To help regulate these norms, Byteforce has developed Safe Vision, an AI-based computer vision solution to monitor people in shopping malls, hospitals, bus stations and railway stations, among other large public places.  The objective of building the innovative product was to safeguard and stop the community spread of COVID-19. Safe Vision can be integrated into any CCTV or drone camera to provide real-time alerts when people are not wearing masks or violating social distancing norms. The camera can be configured to detect safety violations.

How Safe Vision helps combat COVID-19

  • Mask detection: The product continuously monitors people in real-time to ensure that they are wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) such as masks, gloves and safety helmets, among other protective gear. It sends alerts in case of any violations.
  • Social Distancing: Using advanced algorithms, the product also monitors crowds to ensure that people are maintaining adequate social distancing as per government mandate. AI analyses video footage in real-time and alerts safety officers in case of violations, such as group formations or when larger crowds are formed.
  • Thermal Imaging: Using thermal image processing through thermal cameras, the product can measure the body temperature of an individual even in a crowd. Safe Vision sends alerts if the temperature is higher than the normal threshold and thereby monitors COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Advanced Analytics: Detailed analytics of the data collected in an area is expected to curtail the chain of infection. Advanced analytics can offer predictive solutions that answer questions such as “What will happen next?” or “What if these trends continue?.” Captured data is stored and served through a secure cloud. The data can be reviewed to identify hazards and develop safety suggestions. As an added security measure, multilevel user authorisation is required to get access to the sensitive data. The data centre is available both on the premises and on the cloud.
  • Automated Worksite Observations: Workers can be monitored in real-time using computer vision and image analysis to ensure that they are wearing PPE. According to Byteforce, such strict monitoring of the workforce alleviates up to 40 per cent of production mishaps and ensures that safety norms are followed at all times. The 360° analysis of images collected by cameras installed in workplaces provides the most efficient safety status. 
  • Audit Report: Information relating to safety inspection is automatically generated in a safety audit report template and sent as per schedule.


  • Real-time alerts
  • Advanced analytics
  • Automated audit reports
  • Customisable camera configuration
  • Data security
  • Multilevel user authorisation
  • On-premise and cloud deployments
  • 24X7 tech support available

To know more about Safe Vision, click here.

Byteforce Overview

Founded: 2018

Headquarters: Hyderabad, Telangana

Industry: Information Technology

Products: PPE Detection, Facial Recognition, Remote Monitoring using Computer Vision

Specialities: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning


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