Startups Fight Corona: Master PCB

COVID-19 has accelerated innovation among the startup community. Nimble startups are developing ground-breaking solutions to combat the virus. Prioritising innovation amid the health crisis, Hyderabad-based startup Master PCB has developed several unique products to curb the spread of the pandemic. The company’s product portfolio has been built to detect, identify and filter the people who have tested positive for COVID-19. 

Master PCB has come up with a range of solutions to combat COVID-19.  Besides the ones highlighted in this article, the company also manufactures Foot Press Sanitiser Stand, UV Grocery Disinfectant Chamber, 3-Ply Surgical Masks, N95 Face Masks, hand sanitisers of all types, vegetable sanitisers, PPE kit and safety goggles.

Master PCB has also come up with innovative solutions for hospital records digitisation, hospital surveillance, AI-enabled patient management and facilitation of doctors’ appointments.

Here is a look at the four key products the startup manufactures to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic:

Smart IoT and AI-based Thermal Imaging Camera System: 

The AI-enabled product is used to detect the spread of the infection among communities. The Smart IoT-based Thermal Imaging Camera System helps to monitor and identify the temperature of a group of individuals simultaneously by leveraging the AI-based video analytics software. The HD camera system mounted along with the thermal camera, takes a photograph of the infected person, along with automatic number plate identification and sends the details to the cloud server for further analysis. The product tags the necessary information to detect and identify the virus-infected individuals in public places.  The system raises the alarm in the event an individual cannot be tracked through vehicle information. The entire system is powered by solar energy and connected to hi-speed Internet for HD video transfer through the WiFi long-range radio systems.  

Smart IoT-based Multifunction Disinfection Chamber:  

The product was developed with the view to restricting the spread of COVID-19 by disinfecting surfaces in public places such as offices, public transport systems, hospitals and airports. It is a challenge to disinfect such surfaces due to the heavy traffic and the short time available to accomplish the task. 

Master PCB has come up with a unique solution called the Universal Chamber (Walkthrough) that detects individuals, identifies body temperature and reports to the healthcare department using IoT if the body temperature is not within the admissible threshold. The UVC technology enables swift and reliable disinfection. In addition to UVC, the product is also equipped with a sanitiser-based disinfectant, which can be operated remotely. The mobile app identifies the time of infection, the volume of chemicals and the number of individuals passing through the chamber. The app also sends out an alert when the volume of chemicals is less than the prescribed level. 

The IoT device can be continuously connected and operated using any solar power packs to ensure uninterrupted power supply. Since the system is connected to the network, it can also be provided with video surveillance and metal detection to make it usable even after the COVID-19 crisis has tided over. 

Contactless Automatic Sanitiser Machine: 

The machine detects the presence of a human being or an object using Ultrasonic Sensing technology. The machine dispenses the sanitiser in the range of 1 ml- 10 ml/sec or can also dispense the mist. The machine is available from 500 ml range to 10 ltr range. The product is ideal for deploying at houses, gates, lifts, corridors, office spaces and other public spaces.

UV Disinfection Robots:

Disinfecting public places like transportation hubs, railway stations and other large spaces usually requires a lot of chemicals and manpower. Further, another challenge is to disinfect such large spaces thoroughly, ensuring each and every corner is properly sanitised. UV Disinfection Robots has been built by the company to ensure contactless sanitisation of these places through a continuous process of disinfection spraying.

These robots are provided with moving rotatable motors whose speed and direction can be remotely controlled. The advantage of these robots is that they are compact and more powerful and effective than chemical-based disinfection products. Also, the intensity of the UV can be controlled and configured remotely.

Master PCB Overview

  • Founded: 2016
  • Headquarters: Hyderabad, Telangana
  • Industries: Telecom, defence, railways, automotive, industrial, commercial products 
  • Products: Engineering services
  • Specialities: Product innovation, design and manufacturing
  • Website:

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