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In this new series, we look at how T-Hub’s startups are at the forefront of innovation in the battle against Coronavirus. The startups are leading from the front by leveraging the power of digital technology to help India flatten the COVID-19 curve.

Startups across the world are attempting breakthrough innovations to combat the novel Coronavirus. Joining the fight against the lethal virus is BlueSemi, a T-Hub startup that has devised Project NEEM to curtail the infection chain. The startup’s device NEEM has been conceptualised with the aim to safeguard healthcare workers and security personnel many of whom don’t have Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Since doctors, nurses, healthcare volunteers and security personnel are at the frontlines of the war against Coronavirus, BlueSemi’s innovative device is the first line of defence in mitigating the impact of COVID-19.

Key Features of NEEM:

NEEM is positioned as an alternative to thermometer guns that are primarily in use to test and record the body temperature of individuals to rule out COVID-19. Although the existing methodology limits direct physical interaction to a large extent, it still requires the physical presence of healthcare workers and security personnel to document the records. Sensing the opportunity for a contactless and wireless device, BlueSemi built NEEM, a smart device that requires zero contact to check people’s body temperature.

NEEM is a wireless thermal sensor and imager that measures the body temperature of individuals and even heat maps crowds, relaying the data to any Bluetooth/wireless device, ideally on a mobile app. Once it’s set up, the device requires no interaction on the patient’s/attendant’s part.

The battery-operated device can be integrated into any healthcare platform, corporate security platform, gated communities, hotel chain management platform or AI-based crowd detection platform.It delivers quick real-time transmission of information and provides easy access to an individual’s historical data.

The device is cost-effective, simple to install, and can be scaled as per requirement. NEEM can be installed in hospital beds, the entrance of corporate offices, gated communities, isolation and quarantine wards, airports, train stations, bus depots, hotel receptions and supermarkets, among other locations. It has an embedded automatic risk alert that is a quick and effective mechanism to track the infection.

NEEM can help the government monitor the health of the country’s population based on the temperature records of individuals. This will determine the first level of verification in the process of certifying whether an individual is safe to establish social contact with others.

How does it work:

The contactless device allows an individual to place their palm in front of smart thermal sensor, which will automatically record the temperature and relay it to a connected digital gadget like a phone or tablet.

BlueSemi Overview

Founded: 2017

Headquarters: Hyderabad, Telangana

Industry: Semiconductors

Products: Advanced R&D in IoT, Wearables & Retail through our ‘Zero Power’​ Wireless Devices

Specialties: VLSI, Analog and mixed signal design, Semiconductors, Sensors, IoT, Wearables, and FPGA


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