T-Hub and Algorand Foundation : Beginning of A New Era in the Web 3.0 World

The year 2023 saw Formula E arrive in India for the very first time. Hopes were high, recuperating with energy, as the race not just brought great zeal to the Hyderabad Circuit Street but also to the Web 3.0 Community of Hyderabad – catalysing Telangana state’s Web 3.0 Initiatives. 

Algorand Women’s Breakfast Club

Staci Warden, CEO of the Algorand Foundation, led a panel discussion with  Shanta Thoutam, Chief Innovation Officer of Telangana State Innovation Cell (TSIC), and Vandana Jain, Director of Evident Capital Investment, at the Algorand Women’s Breakfast Club, attended by over 40 women leaders from the T-Hub community.

The session’s objective was to get the women in the tech space to talk about their journeys- stories of failures and success. The breakfast session was a great opportunity for tech entrepreneurs and thought leaders to share their professional journeys in tech, creating an environment for networking and support.

Exclusive Preview of the Formula E Racetrack

Post breakfast session, Srinivas Rao Mahankali (MSR), CEO, T-Hub, and Staci Warden had an exclusive preview of the Formula E racetrack where the Envision Racing Team hosted them. This was a chance for the two CEOs to engage in a one-on-one interview and discuss the scope of the new partnership between T-Hub and Algorand.

Racetrack to Success

The in-depth conversation between Stacy Warden and Mr.Srinivas Rao had far-reaching consequences, as both the CEOs aligned their synergies on what the new world order with Web 3.0s power can do for Telangana and India. From the racetrack, both CEOs left for the evening reception and formal MOU signing ceremony at the Park Hyatt Hotel, with Honorable IT Secretary Jayesh Ranjan and nearly 200 Web3/Tech community members in attendance. Learning and celebration ensued, with key people from the government and tech space coming together to pledge for a new beginning of collaboration.

Groundbreaking Alliance: MoU Signing

An MOU was signed between the Algorand Foundation and T-Hub, which is the first of its kind. Algorand is the first layer one protocol to partner with T-Hub, and in doing so, committed significant resources to support Web3 startups and the overall innovation-driven culture of T-Hub.

Hackshack: A 3-Day Event to Unlock your Startup’s Web3 Potential

The new partnership kicks off with a three-day hackshack event to be held from March 24-26 at T-Hub, which will be hosting 40-50 startup teams and hundreds of developers already building or preparing to build Web3 solutions on the Algorand protocol. The event will consist of developer workshops, one-on-one office hours with Algorand’s developer relations team members, VC interactions, and culminating in a pitch competition. Three winners in each pre-seed and seed category will receive prizes of thousands of Algos and be shortlisted for Algorand’s India Accelerator to be launched in late Q2 of 2023.

T-Hub, in partnership with Algorand Foundation for its India Accelerator, aims to enable selected Web3 startup teams to cover their entry costs, provide significant investment and intensive hands-on training along with support in building their product and going to market from experts in the Algorand and T-Hub ecosystem.

“T-Hub’s selection of Algorand as its first layer one blockchain protocol partner is driven by the Foundation’s focus on real-world use cases and its strong technical attributes. Algorand’s blockchain technology, invented by Turing Award-winning MIT Professor Silvio Micali, is known for solving the blockchain trilemma of scalability, security, and decentralization while being the most sustainable blockchain in the world.” shared the CEO of T-Hub.

The partnership between T-Hub and Algorand Foundation represents a significant step towards supporting the growth of Web3 startups in India and around the world. By combining T-Hub’s expertise in incubation and acceleration with Algorand’s innovative blockchain technology, the partnership is poised to help startups scale their innovations globally and access capital worldwide.