T-Hub and Global Wales Partners to Fuel Cross-Border Innovation and Entrepreneurship

T-Hub, India’s leading startup incubator has announced a partnership with Global Wales, a program supported by the Welsh Government and Universities Wales dedicated to fostering cross-border entrepreneurship and innovation. This strategic alliance aims to strengthen connections between Wales and India by harnessing the innovation ecosystems of both regions to nurture and support startups.

In an effort to catalyze this collaboration, T-Hub and Global Wales have initiated a comprehensive three- month joint mentorship program. The program is
tailored to empower startups in Telangana, and focuses on diverse sectors such as Health Tech, Fintech, Enterprise SaaS, EV, Sustainability, and Sports Tech.
14 startups from T-Hub have been carefully selected to participate, showcasing a spectrum of innovative ideas at various stages of development. The selected startups include ATLAST, CORIZANCE, HSOL BIOMED, Tenalis SportsTech Private Limited, Mayamd Technologies Private Limited, ZenDevX, Firewires OneIoT Pvt Ltd, KODE BLUE Technologies Private Limited, Yeshbio Solutions Pvt Ltd, HeartHealth Technologies, Docturnal Private Limited,
Acuration Private Limited, and Better Analytics Private Limited.

Participating startups will receive comprehensive mentorship, covering vital aspects like product development, problem-solving, competitive research, business modeling, and technical solutions. The program incorporates discussions on Lean Startup methods and Agile principles, offering access to essential tools, resources, and connections. Additionally, startups will benefit from personalized guidance by product specialists and gain access to industry mentors, experts, and partners through curated sessions.

Global Wales will facilitate employability opportunities between Indian and Welsh organizations, leveraging T-Hub’s vast network and knowledge for future industry engagement and potential graduate employment. Academic and technical mentors from Welsh universities will contribute industry expertise, fostering a technology and innovation bridge between Wales and India through startup and research exchange. T-Hub will be leading initiatives, including mapping Welsh mentors with startups, executing the mentorship program, conducting mid-cycle reviews, facilitating a closed-room Round Table for idea exchange, and culminating with a Demo Day to showcase startup progress.

MSR, CEO, T-Hub, said, “The three-month engagement aims to foster a culture of collaboration and innovation, laying the foundation for long-term partnerships between T-Hub and Global Wales. The collaboration reflects our commitment to support and empower startups, ultimately contributing to the growth of the Indian startup ecosystem.”

Gwen Williams, Head of Global Wales Programme, Global Wales said, “It has been amazing to see how much can be achieved in over a year since we launched our partnership with T-Hub in October 2022. We have been delighted to support this collaboration between colleges, universities, and T-Hub, a partnership that has supported developments in electric vehicles, health technology, and digital for Wales and Telangana. We are grateful to colleagues at the
University of Wales Trinity Saint David, the University of South Wales, NPTC Group of Colleges, and T-Hub for their work on this mentorship programme. It has benefited universities, colleges, and start-ups in India and Wales, and will soon provide a catalyst to students in Wales gaining valuable work experience with start-ups in India, through the T-Hub internship programme launched earlier this month.”

The mentorship program has delivered impactful results for startups, including the creation of three innovative products (MVP by Firewires One IoT, Business Portal by Better Analytics, Prototype by Acuration) and the establishment of five key industry collaborations. Noteworthy successes include Firewires OneIoT securing two Gateway provider collaborations, onboarding two clients, and Docturnal exploring an international pilot opportunity.