T-Hub Partners with FalconX for Global Startup Immersion Program in Silicon Valley

  • Startup founders from across India will have an opportunity to enter the US market through this five-week-long program.
  •   The top three startups from the immersion program will receive USD100K strategic funding each from FalconX.

Hyderabad, 19 May 2022: T-Hub, which leads India’s pioneering innovation ecosystem, today announced its partnership with the US-based technology accelerator, FalconX for the ‘Global Startup Immersion Program’ in the Silicon Valley, USA. The program will enable prospective startups across the country to launch their products in the US markets and steer them towards growth and success.

FalconX has curated this five-week program to select and help high-impact startups expand their businesses in new markets, primarily in the US. The immersion program will provide tailored business, technical and leadership mentoring from over 40 serial entrepreneurs, investors, and experts in Silicon Valley. The program will culminate in a ‘Technology Day’ where startups can pitch to more than 100 venture capitalists, corporate executives, and industry leaders. The top three startups from the immersion program will also receive USD 100K strategic funding each from FalconX.

MSR, CEO of T-Hub said, “The partnership with FalconX is a critical step towards realising T-Hub’s focus on helping entrepreneurs scale their businesses globally. This immersion program put together by experienced world-class entrepreneurs would add immense value to the startup ecosystem. The program will open doors for Indian startups to a global network of mentors and investors.”

Murali Chirala, CEO of FalconX Inc said, “The Indian startup ecosystem is rapidly evolving into the world’s most vibrant force of innovation and disruption in all technology dimensions. T-Hub, in Telangana, is a premium and fast-growing innovation ecosystem enabler providing entrepreneurs with the needed mentorship, access to capital and customers. Our partnership with T-Hub is critical in helping achieve the objective of attracting startups with global aspirations to move to Silicon Valley where FalconX will shape them to find market fit and success.

The selected startups will gain access to numerous funding opportunities, one-on-one curated deal flow sessions and multiple face-to-face networking opportunities with trusted advisors and potential partners from T-Hub and FalconX. They can test, evaluate, and scale their products and solutions for the global markets. It is an offline program being organised in the Silicon Valley for Indian startups, which will commence in July 2022.  Interested startups can apply for the program here.

The immersion program is interlaced with practical workshops and empowering Masterclass sessions by BV Jagadeesh, a successful serial entrepreneur, investor, and technology evangelist. It will provide step-by-step methodologies for rapidly scaling and monetising the business to achieve product-market fit.

BV Jagadeesh, Co-founder of FalconX said, “The FalconX Global Immersion Program would be hugely beneficial to startups from India who are planning to go global.  The best way for such companies is to link with Silicon Valley in California using FalconX expertise as a springboard to accelerate their growth in international markets”.

Murali Chirala co-founded FalconX along with veteran technology entrepreneurs and investors BV Jagadeesh, Raju Reddy, Ashish Gupta, Pradeep Aswani, Praveen Akkiraju, Krishna Yarlagadda, Anurag Jain, Raju Indukuri and JP Vejendla. They have invested in more than 200 startups whose market cap recently exceeded USD 70 billion.

T-Hub had previously partnered with FalconX in 2019 for the ‘Trestle’ program that provided growth-stage startups with opportunities to assess product fitment and readiness for new markets across the globe. T-Hub organised three workshops called “Masterclass for Entrepreneurs” by BV Jagadeesh. These were five-week-long workshops organised over the last two years with more than 130 founders from India, the US and other countries participating. The Masterclass helped entrepreneurs learn how to avoid common pitfalls of hiring, conduct initial customer outreach, and achieve product-market fit.


T-Hub (Technology Hub) is an innovation hub and ecosystem enabler. Based out of Hyderabad, India, T-Hub leads India’s pioneering innovation ecosystem. With a mission of enabling and empowering an ecosystem hungry for innovation, T-Hub is creating an impact for startups, corporations, and other innovation ecosystem stakeholders. Incorporated in 2015, it has provided over 1800 national and international startups with access to better technology, talent, mentors, customers, corporates, investors, and government agencies. It has elevated innovation for leading national and global corporations, transforming their business models for the better. Working in collaboration with innovation partners and enablers in Telangana, India and worldwide, T-Hub is building a future-ready innovation ecosystem.

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FalconX Inc is a Silicon Valley technology accelerator shaping global startups for success through mentorship, investment, access to VCs, and customer introductions. Ten successful Indian serial entrepreneurs developed a platform of strategic and tactical support systems to help entrepreneurs succeed. FalconX has built an extensive engagement with corporate executives, business houses, and Investors in Silicon Valley, Texas, and India through which we facilitate unmatched leverage of opportunity for entrepreneurs.

FalconX powers novel ideas, new-generation products, and futuristic business models to nurture a culture of innovation. It empowers B2B startups through reliable market connections, timely finance, mentorship sessions and a favourable work environment so that they thrive in future.

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