T-Hub Selects 11 Startups for the Third Cohort of its Funding Program ‘T-Angel’

  • The program will provide dedicated mentors, various funding avenues, Investor Networking and Learning sessions to shortlisted startups.
  • The startups from the previous cohort collectively raised INR 4 Cr by the end of the program.

India, 24th November 2021T-Hub, India’s pioneering innovation ecosystem, today announced today the selection of 11 startups for the third edition of its funding program T-Angel. Enabling the angel investment ecosystem, T-Hub aims to connect potential startups with interested angel investors in the region. The selected startups will be provided with workshops to be investment ready and enable potential angel investor networks and HNIs to discover high potential startups.

Shortlisted from close to 68 applications from across the country, the startups are from various industries such as Real Estate, SaaS, eCommerce, and EV healthcare, education, automobiles, logistics, environmental services, security, and Internet of Things are part of this cohort. With mix of investment learning, mentorship, and evaluation for 90 days, these startups will be able to know their investor better and connect with other startups, advisors, partners and the well-networked T-Hub ecosystem. Shortlisted from close to 250 applications from across the country.

Srinivas Rao Mahankali (MSR), CEO, T-Hub said “The T-Angel Program is an extraordinary opportunity for us to meet and work with some of India’s most talented entrepreneurs and innovators.  The program essentially provides a framework for a current state assessment of the entity, help identify and build a strong value proposition for the startup and accelerate their growth journey through access to funding resources, mentors. The program is designed for entities looking to grow rapidly.

Some of the startups from the batch are Weedeo, PropertyAdviser.in, Feemonk, Ucchvas Technologies, Ginzer Technologies, TriDE Moblity, Gravton, Roligt Foods Pvt. Ltd, Huemn, PayNet Systems and Swap Dietetics Private Limited.

The robust program will provide dedicated mentors, various funding avenues, investor networking and learning sessions. The training for these startups will be two multi-day sessions and will cover topics to help startups understand fund-raising terminologies, processes, and good practices. The program team leads will closely monitor the shortlisted startups to determine pace and course corrections over the duration of the program. The startups will also be given an opportunity to speak with up to three investors active in their space as well as an extended support for two months via community membership of T-Hub.

The second cohort of the program successfully graduated, collectively raising INR 4 Cr from five investors based in India and the US. Some of the startups who secured funding are Sparcolife, Impof, Exodrone, Heuristic Devices and Organikness.

For more information about the program, visit https://T-Hub.co/T-angel/

Commentaries and Testimonials from Startups:

  • Ujwal Kamarthapu. Co-Founder at Ginzer Technologies (from third cohort) said, “T-Hub has created a community for start-ups and that has helped entrepreneurs, like us, to scale and grow further. We are very excited about how T-Hub ecosystem is becoming beacons for entrepreneurs everywhere. They have become a hub of innovation building one ecosystem for all that has provided that space, network and support in the innovation and growth journey of all the companies associated with it. We are looking forward to getting investment-ready by the end of the cohort so that we can face investors with confidence.”
  • Apparao, Ucchvas Technologies (from third cohort) said, “In the Startup space, T-Hub has established itself as a centre of innovation in the past few years and brought all important stakeholders to create one ecosystem, which included venture capitalists, corporations, mentors. As T-Hub has proven to be a game-changer for many Startup founders, we would like to take this as an opportunity to pitch our business idea to the angel communities in India for bettering our chances of the first angel round. We are excited to pave through this transformational journey with T-Hub.”
  • Sandeep Thata, Co-Founder, Organikness (from second cohort) said, “T-Angel program allowed me to critically reflect on what we’re doing right and what we can do better. One important lesson was that a lot of startups make the mistake of scaling without first going through an efficiency phase. We could be able to identify our bottlenecks for the growth & optimisation and made some changes based on that learning. It’s been really impactful. The program has enabled me to define a plethora of fundamental, as well as critical concepts about our business-like product management, business model, customer segmentation, Pitching the right investors, etc. Attaining these insights otherwise would have been a painful & time-consuming process. The T-Angel program also offers invaluable resources such as a vibrant startup milieu which allows us to discover and engage with the unparalleled network.”
  • Venkata Sudheer Makam, Founder, Vitamins & Me India said, “T-Angel program is a perfect program to get started with your startup. It is great for startup’s at any stage of development to have a helping hand. The program helped us get through the basic starting up procedures out of the gate and by the end, we were able to take what we learned and move forward on our own with ease! Mr. Prajakt, Mr. Rajesh Adla & Mr. Laksmikant ji have helped us with thorough one-to-one mentoring sessions and in-depth analysis of our startup’s business. Helping us from framing our value proposition to mock pitches and getting us introduced to investors has helped us a lot and Thankful for each and every one from the T-Angel Program.”


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