T-Hub’s Atal Incubation Center selected 23 startups to participate in the sustainability cohort of AIC T-Hub

T-Hub, the world’s largest innovation hub, has launched the second cohort of AIC T-Hub’s sustainability program to foster innovation and drive sustainable solutions across the sector. The cohort, comprising 23 startups, will undergo a 100-day intensive program to foster solutions to pressing sustainability challenges.

The startups chosen for the current cohort will concentrate on crucial domains, including Agricultural Sustainability, Environmental Conservation, Solid Waste Management, Climate Technology, Alternative Fuels, Green Manufacturing, and Renewable Energy.

From a pool of 400 applicants, 24 startups stood out due to their promising prototypes, well-defined paths to commercialisation, minimum monthly revenue of Rs 1 Lakh, and a robust founding team equipped with pertinent expertise, collectively ensuring their potential to generate significant impact. 

Selected startups

Amongst the selected startups are, Bioreform, Bluedrop Enviro, Emusa, Greencarbon Hub, Greenifit, Hashtag Percapita, JuteEarth, Kalki Ecosphere, Kalki Energy Salvation, Lawtonlight House, Malhari Projects, MyCovation, Neevo Life, RAU ECOSTONE PRIVATE LIMITED, Readypods, PlantFarmula, Praana Power, Prasinos Tech, RootsGoods Pvt Ltd, Statwig, Swansea, TheKabadShop, VChained. 

The current cohort will commence on August 3, 2023. It will run until November 10, 2023, providing a dynamic environment for startups to accelerate their growth, refine their strategies, and access the resources needed for success. Find out more about the program here

Mahankali Srinivas Rao (MSR), CEO of T-Hub, said, “With the launch of our second cohort of AIC T-Hub’s sustainability program, we continue cultivating a culture of innovation and driving towards sustainable solutions. AIC T-Hub program embodies our unwavering commitment to fostering growth, propelling startups into a future defined by impactful transformation. Throughout the program, T-Hub will cultivate and empower these selected startups, equipping them with the tools to scale their businesses, shape their success, and create a legacy of positive change.”