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We help you lay a strong groundwork for and scale your path-breaking startup. Supported by a team of experts, VCs and industry stalwarts, T-Hub assists you to catapult your idea into a successful business!


Here are all the programs we’ve designed to enable startups to continuously innovate, scale and generate deal flow for their business:


Here are all the events and workshops we’ve created to help entrepreneurs on their journey to success:

The investor Connect is a forum for people to pick on the investor's decision-making criteria. It is the right place to ask all investor related queries - what do investors look for, what is the right pitch deck/format, what are various stages of investors out there and what is the risk appetite/ticket size of each of each of these.

A Smart City Bootcamp where participants will be given two problem statement to choose from.The participants will pitch their ideas and shortlisted startups move on to the next bootcamp. To know more, click here:

A Smart City Bootcamp where the shortlisted participants from Bootcamp 1 will partcipate in 1-on-1 mentoring sessions and finalists are selected for the Hackathon. To know more, click here:

T-Hub initiative to bring the agriculture community together every alternate month to discuss, identify problem statements and find solutions for the real issues our farmers and agri-ecosystem are facing today and to turn food security and sustainability into reality.

Hackathon will be of 36 hours duration where the finalists from Bootcamp 2 will work on the problem statement which they have chosen to tackle. While developing their solution, the participant can avail further 1-on-1 mentoring sessions. To know more, click here:

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Catalyst is T-Hub’s startup incubator. It supports and promotes technological innovations occurring in the Hyderabad startup ecosystem. Early-stage startups with a minimum viable product (MVP) and with some traction in the market can apply. Catalyst is not just a workspace. It hosts regular talks, networking events, workshops, mentoring sessions and more for the benefit of all its members. It also provides early access to new launches, discounts on a host of professional services and special deals for events across the country.

Open Seating
Flexible seating, unlimited Access

You get Basic features:

  • Hot Desk (1st come, 1st Serve)
  • 24/7 access
  • Limited use of meeting rooms
  • Digital community & member perks
  • Superfast Wifi
  • Printer, scanner
Dedicated Desk
Permanent desk, unlimited access

You get Basic features:

  • A dedicated desk of your own
  • 24/7 access
  • Limited use of meeting rooms
  • Digital community & member perks
  • Superfast Wifi
  • Printer, scanner
Private Office
Permanent cabin, unlimited Access

You get Basic features:

  • Furnished, Lockable, Private Room
  • Seats 8 to 12 people
  • 24/7 access
  • Limited use of meeting rooms
  • Digital community & member perks
  • Superfast Wifi
  • Printer, Scanner

We bring together partnerships from different verticals to help you shorten the sprint towards your goal. From incubators and accelerators to VCs and large scale investors, our ecosystem comprises of the right mix of individuals and organizations that can help your startup scale in a competitive environment.

HR/Recruiting Services
  • Maanyam
  • ZingHR
  • Husys
  • TalentSprint
Legal Services
  • Grandhi Law Chambers
  • Samvad Partners
CA/Accounting Services
  • Fintax India Advisory Services LLP
Secretarial Services
  • Travian Consulting Private Ltd.
Financial Advisory Services
  • StartUpCFO’s
Cloud Services
  • HeadSpin
  • AWS
  • Exotel
  • Ozonetel
  • Salesforce
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