Atomstate: Redefining DevOps Leveraging T-Hub’s Ecosystem

Challa Venkata Subramanyam, Co-Founder & CEO, Atomstate, realised how DevOps had become a tool-centric approach rather than a continuous delivery and integration philosophy of software development. Spotting the gap and fuelled by his passion for solving customers’ problems leveraging company-tailored methodologies, environments, and deployment policies, he started Atomstate with Adithya Krishnakant and Kumar Kanwar as other Co-Founders. 

Impressed by the T-Hub’s robust startup ecosystem, Venkata naturally chose to have his startup incubated here. Leveraging T-Hub’s visibility and access to mentorship, go-to-market strategies, funding, venture capitalists, and corporate connections, Atomstate has witnessed improved customer penetration. Once struggling during the pandemic, Atomstate has now secured significant contracts with Fullerton, TATA Insurance, L&T Finance, and PwC.