Weedeo: A Real-Time Shopping SaaS and Marketplace Application

Shravan Kumar Gajam, and Sujitha S., co-founded Weedeo in April 2021, aspiring to enhance the present e-Commerce online shopping with online instant video calling, live streaming, and chatting portal. Their SaaS platform, offering online users an in-store shopping experience right from the comfort of their homes, improves customer satisfaction and sales turnover – a win-win situation for both consumers and retailers. 

Considering their innovative approach, onboarding retail clients and users proved challenging for this real-time shopping app. T-Hub’s Lab32 transformed its growth trajectory by assisting it in modifying its business growth strategy, improving its financial model, and pivoting to a B2B model. Having already onboarded 200 retailers and averaging 15-20 orders daily, the startup projects its next five years’ revenue as INR 147 Crores.