High-Impact Programs

Our curated programs are geared to accelerate your innovation journey.

Create a Global Network

Forge alliances with industry peers to build innovative

Adopt an Innovation Mindset

We foster intrapreneurship and serve as a gateway for startups with our state-of-the-art initiatives.

Amplify Digital Transformation

Connect with innovative startups to transform your innovation model.

Bridge your Innovation Gap and Stay Ahead

We help corporates stay agile through our high-impact partnerships.

Powering Corporate Innovation

Fostering Open Innovation and Digital Transformation

In the ever-evolving business landscape, staying ahead of the curve is not just an aspiration—it’s an absolute necessity. The T-Hub Corporate Innovation Program enables organisational transformation by bringing corporations and startups together. Through accelerator programs, innovation models, and corporate membership, it is catalysing innovation models for emerging tech and industry-specific needs.

Solution Accelerators

Facilitating the discovery of innovative solutions for corporate challenges.

Startup Accelerator Programs

Empowering startup growth through corporate grants and CSR funds.

Build Operate and Transfer (BOT) Innovation Model

Cultivating open innovation, facilitating accelerators, and enabling transformation.

Internal Innovation Acceleration Programs

Instilling a culture of innovation and intrapreneurship within corporations.

Annual Corporate Membership

Bolstering corporate engagement and collaborations with the innovation ecosystem.

Focus Industries

Defence and Aerospace

We help corporations elevate their technological prowess in Defence and Aerospace. Collaborate with cutting-edge startups to drive innovation and secure a strategic advantage in the ever-evolving landscape of defence technologies.


Harness the power of startup ingenuity to fuel advancements in EV, autonomous driving, and sustainable mobility solutions. We help corporations drive the future of automotive innovation with strategic collaborations.


We enable corporations to shape the future of medicine, digital health solutions, and patient-centric care. Partner with startups in pioneering innovations at the forefront of medical technology to transform the healthcare landscape.


We promote collaboration with startups and corporations to streamline manufacturing processes, integrate Industry 4.0 technologies, and foster sustainable practices. Co-create solutions to redefining the manufacturing sector.


We enable corporations to embrace eco-centric innovations and become the champion of sustainability. Collaborate with startups dedicated to green technologies, circular economy practices, and renewable energy.


We enable startups to converge with corporations to reshape banking, financial services, and insurance sectors, ensuring your company stays ahead in the fintech revolution. Partner with disruptive startups to reshape banking experiences.
Our Impact

Powering Corporate Innovation Through Co-Creation

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We are proud to create the innovation roadmap for some of the world’s leading corporates

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