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How to Become a Value Partner with T-Hub

About Value Partners

A value partner in the business world is akin to a trustworthy ally, helping a company enhance its capabilities. These partners possess expertise or resources that complement and enrich their counterpart's offerings, resulting in a stronger customer experience. Through collaboration, value partners establish strategic alliances or partnerships, leveraging their strengths to achieve shared success.

The Role of Value Partners at T-Hub

T-Hub's elite Value Partners empower startups and ecosystem players with credits, discounts, and exclusive offerings. By partnering with T-Hub, entrepreneurs can build new connections, expand their customer base, and gain valuable ecosystem connects. These partnerships provide startups with vital resources, mentorship, and financial support to overcome challenges and accelerate their growth. T-Hub's Value Partners play a pivotal role in driving the success of startups within the dynamic startup ecosystem.

How to Become a Value Partner
in the T-Hub Ecosystem

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How to Reach a Value Partner

Step 1
T-Hub startups can reach out to the VP Desk for information on services, offerings, and exclusive deals from Value Partners.
Step 2
The VP Desk will guide you with details and provide a form to specify your requirements.
Step 3
Review available offerings and submit your selections via the form.
Step 4
Your request will be addressed by the VP Desk within 24-48 working hours.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The onboarding period for Value Partners at T-Hub is around 4 weeks.

Follow these steps to become a Value Partner:

  1. Fill the Express Interest form.
  2. Submit your proposal.
  3. Share details about your offerings.
  4. Exchange the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

No, there is no membership fee associated with becoming a Value Partner.

To qualify as a Value Partner, startups should meet the following criteria:

  • In existence for at least 3 years
  • Operations in our category
  • Prior experience working with startups.
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