It’s Time to Innovate | Dr. Swapnil Dambe

To briefly introduce, my name is Dr. Swapnil Dambe. I’m a digital business transformation and innovation thought leader, design management strategist, recognized for innovating, incubating, driving and mentoring strategic initiatives in the context of consumer digital and enterprise digital transformation. Over 24 years of strong industry experience with global clients, I help organizations crafting effective digital transformation journey strategies, and futuristic experiences for their clients and end customers. Today’s interesting topic, innovation in the crisis time – Let me just help you realize the topic holistically and the grassroots level of its association. If you look at minutely we all human beings seek simplified and better experiences from social, personal and professional life. Our needs are situational, conditional as well as circumstantial. The situation and conditions drive the needs, and so the decision-making, and hence everything will evolve design and revolutionize only for the continual betterment of humans and the ecosystem irrespective of circumstances. In this correlation, the businesses don’t forget to remember that tomorrow’s new ventures will be considered from today’s all personal social, professional needs and pain areas of the people and the ecosystems. The businesses may choose to cater to fulfill the wishes of their customers or fulfilling the current needs or pains through innovative strategies. However, the most important thing is it’s rapid industrialization to be able to drive both business growth and customer satisfaction. In my view, innovation or innovative mindset doesn’t care about circumstances such as crisis. Most of the innovations happen on this earth, just and just to uplift and simplify the lives and have taken care of the futuristic, economical, ecological, and motivational needs of the entire humankind. 
There is a difference between natural global calamity type circumstances and individual crisis due to major goof ups at the strategy level, in the business context, businesses need to reimagine their strategies periodically and must infuse innovation as a strategic element, as a disruptor in the kind of industry vertical, they belong to. However people often talk about the role of innovation in an age of constant fundamental disruption of the industrial revolution
Within this uncertain environment, innovation leaders, people who really possess this innovation mindset should play a crucial role in helping the businesses boom with the strategies for sustainable business innovation and growth. When the business is experiencing a time of crunch, innovation leaders must play a vital role and craft the strategic programs to be able to drive the value chain throughout the stress period. However, where appropriate true innovation professionals should use this COVID-19 pandemic journey as an opportunity to offer the most profitable and fitting solutions to their target segments by employing situational, yet smart business strategies to be able to not just sustain, but master the market and does gain more customer advocacy, continued innovation of business model, operating strategies, business strategies, products, services, platforms, consumer channels, and touch points. And eventually ecosystem is the key to be relevant, contextual and contemporary sustainable in the market. Going forward, businesses, innovation strategists must include customer technology and business aspect as fundamental components to deliver shared values, irrespective of circumstances.
Innovation champions must learn the most trending and applicable approach to business design and transformation with the help of the human centric, strategic, lean, agile design thinking approach to revolutionize the business constantly. And thus fix the ongoing challenges in an accelerated way. The said approach applies to all the industry sectors regardless of the challenges or problems. So the industrialization of innovation is must, and that should have a very focused way of executing the innovation. 
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