T-Hub 2.0: Unleashing Next-Generation Innovation

The world’s largest innovation hub in India has just turned one. Since unveiling T-Hub 2.0 in June 2022, we have worked closely with startups driving innovation in next-generation technologies in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), deep-tech, electric vehicles (EV), healthtech, life sciences, web 3.0, sustainability and enterprise tech.

We are a bridge between the corporate and startup ecosystem, enabling large enterprises to leverage disruptive technologies, co-create with the startup ecosystem, build a culture of intrapreneurship and make a future-ready organisation through the power of open innovation. We are also successfully integrating India’s innovation ecosystem into a global network.

Join us as we look back over our milestones in powering startup success, forging corporate-startup partnerships, and catalysing global collaboration.

Powering startup success through innovation programs

T-Hub has delivered over 100 innovation programs for startups since its inception. The innovation programs focus on providing startups with access to industry experts, resources to sharpen their market understanding & refine their business and product commercialisation plans.

In the last year, multiple innovation programs were launched, starting with a three-month-long, cohort-based EV entrepreneurial program. It enabled startups to enhance their products through mentoring from industry leaders and nurturing a robust skill set to sustain the EV industry. 

In December, the third cohort of the AIC T-Hub healthcare program began. Of 200 applications, 17 startups were handpicked based on their cutting-edge deep-tech innovations, go-to-market readiness, scalability, and team composition in the healthcare and life sciences. Some selected startups included HSOL, Second Consult, Medtotes, Health Compass, and Yeshbio Solutions.

It was followed by the launch of the Drone-tech Accelerator program in February 2023 in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Telangana State Innovation Cell, and Intel. Of the 300 applications received, 10 startups were inducted, like 10 Infinite, Daybest Research, Drogo Drones, and Vercos Technologies. The program aims to improve 360-degree aerial surveys, live recording feed, and geospatial analysis in defence, space, national security, healthcare, transport, and agriculture sectors.

Other innovation programs initiated last year include the first cohort of the AIC, T-Hub Semiconductor program, which included 10 startups and raised INR six crores through grants and angel investments. Also, under T-Angel, the sector-agnostic investment-readiness program, 20 startups achieved their funding objectives, while 13 startups were incubated under RubriX, the 100-day product development program.

Forging corporate-startup partnerships

T-Hub has established a two-way channel for sharing resources and technologies by cultivating partnerships with corporations and government agencies. It has enabled the entities to position themselves as innovators, capitalise on emerging trends and improve their bottom lines.

Here are some of the collaborations T-Hub signed in the past year: 

  • A two-year alliance with Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) to offer startups mentorship, capital, and training, and HAL gains access to cutting-edge startups in the aerospace and defence industry.
  • A partnership with Collins Aerospace to foster open innovation in extravehicular space mobility, high-performance batteries, autonomy for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), and recycling of composites.
  • Co-hosting an open innovation challenge with Renault Nissan Technology Business Centre India (RNTBCI), where startups can Connect with industry experts, offer proofs-of-concept, obtain grants and engage with other startups in the mobility market.

Similarly, T-Hub has signed MoUs with Numaligarh Refinery Limited (NRL), Quantum Ecosystems Technology Council of India, Capgemini Applied Innovation Exchange, Suzuki Motor Corporation, Autonomy Network, and Berkadia, among others, to boost innovation in different sectors.

Catalysing global collaboration

T-Hub has also focused on growing its global footprint as the world’s largest innovation hub and facilitating cross-border collaborations and innovations. T-Hub collaborated with U.S.-based Redberri to set up T-Hub’s global outpost in Chicago. The aim is to help Indian and U.S. startups to find a foothold in the U.S. markets and connect them with more prominent international players to augment their growth.

The one-year agreement with Suzuki Motor Corporation Innovation Centre will allow T-Hub-incubated startups to engage with and gain guidance from Indian and Japanese universities and industries for driving innovations in sustainability, supply chain, agritech, rural development, and mobility domains.

Some of our other global collaborations include: 

  • The partnership with Urbanco, an urban development corporation in the Maldives, to turn Maldivian cities into smart, new-age, sustainable urban centres, starting with Hulhumalè.
  • Under the one-year agreement with Pontaq, a UK-based cross-border innovation fund, Pontaq will act as an exclusive investment partner. It will encourage its investee companies to set up their base in the state.  They will explore funding opportunities and connect with talented innovators in the India-UK corridor.
  • The Indo-French Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IFCCI)’s partnership with T-Hub. The partnership helps T-Hub acts as a gateway for the Indian and France-based technology-driven startups to scale globally.

As the largest innovation hub, we have made significant strides in the past year by closely working with startups helping them innovate next-generation technologies. We are bridging the gap between startups and corporates and fostering global collaborations. Our continued efforts have resulted in the Union government awarding us many prestigious awards.

T-hub bagged the Best Incubator in India 2022 award of the DPIIT, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, at the National Startup Awards. Srinivas Rao Mahankali (MSR), CEO, T-Hub, (right), received the award, from Piyush Goyal, Union Minister for Commerce and Industry, Consumer Affairs, in the presence of Som Prakash, Minister of State for Commerce and Industry. 

Srinivas Rao Mahankali (MSR), CEO, T-Hub (centre), and Wg Cdr Anthony Anish (Retd), CDO, T-Hub, (right), receiving National Technology Business Incubator Award (2023), from Dr Jitendra Singh, the Union Minister of State for Science & Technology (left image).

T-Hub’s first year as the world’s largest innovation hub in India has been a remarkable journey. T-Hub has successfully positioned itself as a bridge between the corporate and startup ecosystems by fostering close collaborations with startups in various cutting-edge fields.

T-hub has expanded its global footprint, enabling cross-border collaborations and opening doors for Indian startups in international markets. With its impressive achievements and prestigious awards, T-Hub has proven to be a driving force in India’s innovation ecosystem and a catalyst for global innovation and collaboration.


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